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There are many millions of web-pages on the internet, and far too many of those are not "School & Family Friendly". FlashyOnlineGames.com and its Friend sites were devised to change that. Our Friend sites are currently:


We try our very best to only include content, games, wallpapers, and adverts, that are termed as "School & Family Friendly". Then, at least you can safely let your children play our games, without the worry of them coming into contact with content and material that only adults should see. Though now, advert content is often controlled by the destination device, and the device user's previous activity. See our Privacy Policy for information.

Though we are committed to show only "School & Family Friendly" content, due to the nature of the internet, it isn't always 100% possible, and many things you encounter are out of our control. However, if you discover anything on this web-site that isn't suitable for your school or family, please let us know by using the email address below, and we will attempt (where possible) to remedy the situation. We will always try to reply to your emails, but depending on various factors, it isn't always possible.

New games will be added regularly, and we will try to add a mixture of game types, varying from simple fun games, to educational games. That way, everyone can find something they like. Games are an ideal way to improve hand-to-eye coordination, and they can also be great stress relievers, so hopefully you'll find something on our web site that you'll enjoy playing.

Another thing that you might like....
This website contains no pop-up content. Which means you'll never get diverted to another website, when you've just come here to play a game or download some wallpaper. You choose the game you wish to play, and (unless there are unforeseen circumstances, or you opt for a game from the advertised content, or an external link) you will be immediately taken to the correct page with the game content you requested.

Note: It is not possible to play Flash games on iPhones and iPads, without first downloading a different browser app from the App Store. Apple Safari does not support Adobe Flash, but there are other browser apps that allow the Flash player to work.
There are currently no problems with playing Flash games on Notebooks, Windows PC's and Android tablets and Smartphones, as far as we are aware.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. Have fun!!

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Last revised: August, 2013

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